Like most churches, we have basic Biblical core values that define us: a love for God and our neighbor, a desire to grow in our relationship with Christ, prayer, outreach, service...these are things that ALL followers of Jesus should have in common.

But churches also have unique characteristics -- distinctives that shape their personality and make them who they are.

Here's how we'd describe LifeBridge:

A family gathering, not a polished event

We are not a "production/performance" kind of church. Our services are simple and informal.

Everyone takes their turn at helping to clean the building, mow the lawn, and help out where they can.

Instead of a long list of programs you can attend, we tend to gather more informally, around a meal and good conversation. We look out for one another, share life together, and serve the world around us together. It feels like (and is!) a family.

Missional focus

From the moment we launched in the fall of 2008, we've been a very outward focused church. We've always been light on programs, and instead pour ourselves into people.

We especially have a heart for the hurting and broken, which has led us to beautiful ministries with the homeless, teenage moms, and refugees, as well as many others.

Our prayer is that we are always a "going" and "sending" church, as we represent Jesus out there in the world.

Outrageous generosity

Arguably our most unique distinctive is a goal we set of giving away 50% of any offerings given to us. We strive to run the church on 50% and give the other 50% away to missions, local ministries, individuals that need help, etc.

While that means we often have to do without some of the nice things we'd love to have for ourselves, it has also opened up tremendous opportunities for us to help people in need and help new ministries get launched in the Cypress area.

It has been a challenge at times, but most years we have been able to meet our 50/50 goal!